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Can't Wait to Make This A Book Club Read!

After meeting John at a tradeshow a few weeks ago and hearing his impassioned speech about why he wrote this book and the struggles the whole family experienced, I couldn't wait to get it in front of my book club.  Now that the presses are rolling, it's going to be one of our best discussions, I am sure.  Great respect to you, John for writing such a difficult and personal story so that others may share, learn and take that difficult journey with you and your family.

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Thoroughly enjoyed this book

What struck me about this book was not as much the tragic story line, but the well paced, unique character development which lead up to the tear jerking climatic event when the authors father contracts AIDS. Thru-out the book the author shares a number of brief memories about growing up in the heart of Texas as the a son of a cotton farmer. Although I first thought I was going to be reading the typical story of immigrants settling in the new world, it soon became apparent that this detailed…


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A Book That Will Transend Generations

Hopefully, everyone has known a man like Doc Montandon.  He had a charisma that affected you when you first met him....he was truly larger than life, not only in size but also in spirit.  He was looked up to and idolized by everyone who knew him, and became a person to model your life after.  This book is a story about his life and his philosophy of life that hopefully will be passed on to all generations.  Doc Montandon had the ability to handle adversity, and this is the mark of any great…


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PRWeb News Release

PRWeb is one of many Public Relations wires that has disseminated the news about By His Own Blood.  Check one of them at

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As John's older and only brother, I can attest to the need for him to relate this story.  He approached the story in such an honest an open manner, I  originally had qualms about his effort, but the output of his story is a rendering of his and our love for our father, and I don't believe the story could be told in any manner but the one he has used, open, blunt, honest and with a love that is so evident.  Not an easy write, to let your soul and feelings out.  He has done a very good job in…


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There's not much to add to what Stan, Danny and others have said. My wife, Dorethy, made the comment that she's never seen me so consumed by a book. I couldn't put it down and read the majority of it last Sunday after church. When I finished, she started it and commented several times, her understanding of why I was so consumed. Upon finishing it, she commented, that she didn't recall having ever met your Dad, but fell in love with him and wanted him for her Daddy. Thank you…


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By His Own Blood --- Review

By His Own Blood is a skillfully written book about a young boy growing up on a farm in 1950s-60s rural West Texas. It is a story about a family’s enduring love and bond during times of hardship and times of joy. And most of all, it is a story about a boy growing into a man under the guiding hand of a strong, but gentle and loving father. The book is full of amusing nostalgic stories as well as very serious…


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Honor thy Mother and thy Father!


 Your book absolutely nailed what life was like growing up in a small town in West Texas during the 40s, 50s, and 60s.  It was a wonderful trip down memory lane; remembering all the good people that heavily influenced our lives and some of the bad stuff we grew up with also.

We are a sum of all the parts that we have seen and heard.  It is clearly evident that you incorporated the best parts of your experiences and sifted out the bad parts to form the type of man you…


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Mesmerized by your book.

Just finished reading your book last night.  I knew you were smart, Johnnie, I just didn't know you were this artistic.  To write a book that covers every emotion a person can have takes so much skill.  I laughed and cried; was filled with rage, sadness and depression but also joy, amusement and nostalgia.  Being just a meer two years older than you and born/raised in Knox City, TX, I understand 100% the feelings you expressed.  I remember the prejudices and small mindedness that was…


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AOL Interviews John

AOL has community news sections called The Patch that appear in many parts of the country. Their editor interviewed me last week to talk about By His Own Blood.  You can read the interview at

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A great read and a great message

The test of a good book to me is this:  you get hooked early and then don't want to put it down until you've finished.  John, your book......By His Own Blood...more than passed that test.

When your book arrived I was about a third of the way through my friend Tom Brokaw'sThe Greatest Generationon my Nook Color.   The next evening I started leafing through you book and realized I just had to read it NOW.  John, I've read the book and laughed and even cried in a couple of place…


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The Impact of Good People

I really enjoyed By His Own Blood.  It captures rural farm life in the 50s and 60s perfectly.  Anyone who experienced it or has loved ones who did will enjoy the authors' description of those times and those people.

But what I enjoyed even more is reading about Doc Montandon.  It would have taken great fortitude and patience to live through those times.  Doc's spiritual life and connection to his church and Lord seemed to be anchors made him a great father and a great…


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What a read! I was reared nearby John and have known him almost all my life. It takes a good man to write with such honesty, openness and candor. I can think of no other that would be able to be so o…

What a read! I was reared nearby John and have known him almost all my life. It takes a good man to write with such honesty, openness and candor. I can think of no other that would be able to be so objective in his writing and tell it as it is. Once I started the book, there was no stopping until it was finished.  Be sure and keep a box of Kleenex handy.


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The 2013 Great Southwest Book Festival recognized winners in the Festival’s Writing…



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Johnny....I didn't realize you lost your dad by such an unnecesary way.  I think it's great that you have shared the story with others.  Toni said to pass on her regards, and please give Karen a hug for me.

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